Thursday, 26 May 2011

Hot Knitting

Finally, I can share this with you as I wanted to wait until Michael had handed in all his work for his final degree show.  He wanted a knitting project in his portfolio and after a disastrous attempt at knitting with wire (he just wanted a metre high anchor knitted in steel wire 3D style.. nothing tricky) he (thankfully) abandoned that idea as my mock up was, quite frankly, pitiful.  So, he asked if I could knit him a piece with some writing in it and sent me a draft of the text and style he wanted.

I was very relieved to find that he was very happy with my first attempt as he only gave me 2 days in which to do it!  Kids - pwuh!  This is what he did with it...

What do you think?  Not bad?  
The knitting's OK too, for a rush job!  He had the needles made out of steel and one of his fashion student friends modelled for him.  Kaffe Fassett eat your heart out!

I've been having a slump week - the most I've managed this week is to make a couple more granny squares for an on-going blanket.  Maybe the bank holiday weekend will rejuvenate me.  I hope so.

Happy nearly Friday.


  1. Wow!! Wouldn't some of 'that' revive the knitting groups!! Love the slogan and well done you on the rush job. Pat on the back all round I think.

  2. Jules I ve awarded you with a kreativ blogger award as yours is one of my favourites,just pop on over to collect it.xxxxx

  3. Hi Jules,glad you got my message,hope your well?All you have to do is copy and paste the kreativ blogger into you new post and tell us 10 things about you and then award your 3 favorite blogs.I hope that makes sense? Have a great weekend.xxjulie.


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