Sunday, 13 February 2011

Bonjour mes amies... je reviens!

Phew, I feel like I've been gone for ages and I've only really got time to give you a whistle stop tour in this post, mention Lynne's Moda Bake Shop debut (well worth a visit to see the stunning quilt and the chance of a giveaway), do the washing and then pack again!

So, the whistle stop tour begins.  Monday, Paris - just an hour but long enough to get the feel of the place and sit outside the Gare de l'Est in the sunshine (everywhere I sat smelled like a men's urinal but never mind, it was still Paris!)

Then on to Nancy.  All the photos are taken at night as the work days were very long.  No time pour fair le shopping as the shops shut at 7 but I managed to take a good stroll each evening just to stretch my legs (and try and combat the vast amount of bread I ate each day!)

The Theatre

See the name?  C'est moi?  Clearly not, they must be confused!
This type of building screams France to me - I love it!
St Sebastian Church

My kind of shop - wine upstairs and good food downstairs - my colleague and I enjoyed a much needed and well deserved glass of Palmer Brut Cuvee Rubis champers with our dinner
 Plas Stanislas - very opulent and stunning, especially at night.  Lots of couples walking hand in hand, friends meeting, embracing and enjoying an exorbitantly priced glass of wine no doubt.

Some of the famous glass work of the region.  L'Ecole de Nancy - a famous Art Nouveau movement from the area. The pics are not great as they are through glass at night.

A fine example of the movement in the Excelsior restaurant - sunglasses needed inside as it is dazzling - mirrors, glass, marble, gilt - you name it, this place has it (plus a huge amount of oysters).

Well, my dears, I have run out of space to upload photos so will post about my whirlwind 30 hour stop in London later on.  I have to tell you I was in ecstasy when I got to Loop!!!!

A plus tard


  1. Did you go to Liberty too? Thank you for the mention in your post!

  2. Tres Magnifique!!I love the architecture in France - it`s so opulent - did you eat in that fabulously lit-up restaurant? It looks like the one in the last scene of `Something`s Got To Give` with Jack Nicholson and Diane Keaton - but I think they were in Paris - think I`ll watch it today in fact! Dying to go to `Loop` - it looks like yarny heaven-on-earth and I bet just as expensive!Hurry up and tell us all about it. x

  3. I love French architecture too. I'm very jealous, Jules. xxx

  4. Indeed Jealous, I lived in Paris in my youth, only for a short time but enough for it to have a huge impact on the rest of my life... what a thrill for you

  5. hi
    lovely pics from paris.!!!!!!
    just wonderful.
    have a nice week,


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