Saturday, 19 February 2011

Whistle Stop Number 3 - London

OK ladies, wait no more, now I have figured out how to work Photobucket (yes, I am one of the numpties to whom Lynne  refers) - here's Loop....

It was lovely but mega expensive so I headed upstairs to the jumble sale for patterns and some inspiration

Too much choice!
Gorgeous buttons
Some gift inspiration
So what did I buy?
Some reduced patterns and a couple of lovely books

Love, love this book by Julia Arkell although I doubt I'll ever make any of the projects.  It was all the lovely shelves of goodies that drew my eye.  Oh to have a work room like this.

By now we were starving - hungry students in tow - so we took a quick look around the market and then found this wonderful place called Elk in the Wood for a spot of lunch.
Just love this wallpaper
and all these lovely fireplace tiles in the kitchen
and all these mirrors on the wall.  That's Michael taking the picture for me - I haven't grown a beard, honest!
Next was a wander around Borough markets and a look at all the lovely fare.  

We were in search of desert but couldn't find carrot cake so we headed to Patisserie Lila for cake and tea/coffee.... well, I had a long train ride ahead, needed to keep my strength up :)

Mission accomplished!

Did I mention that Michael and Andrew met me at St Pancreas and we had a glass of bubbly in the Champagne Bar and then went back to Kingston for dinner at Carluccio's?

Oooh, get us!
So that was London, tomorrow I'll bring you Barcelona.  Gosh, my life sounds rather glamorous but trust me it's not!

Happy Weekend all and thanks so much for stopping by and leaving your comments - I look forward to every one.


  1. Hi Jules
    How the devil are you? Loving looking at your pics, Loop looks ace and I couple happily spend hours in there! Cant wait to see barcelona.
    Deb x

  2. Looks like a lovely trip, Jules. I'd love a trip to Loop. Michael and Andrew are indeed a gorgeous couple. Lovely photos. xxx

  3. Loop looks lovely, oh how I would love to wander around in there for ages.

  4. What a fantastic day out. I`m so glad you posted pics of Loop because I sent my friend there last weekend (she lives just down the road) to check out the jumble sale for me to see what I was missing and she forgot to take her camera! She didn`t buy anything - rather walked out grumping about the prices!Are they that bad?!
    I love the Champagne Bar at St Pancras - apparently it`s the biggest in the World - Michael and Andrew do indeed make a handsome couple.
    Can`t wait for the pics of Barcelona!
    ps my verification word was `caketti` - how did they know you visited such a lovely cake shop?!

  5. Loop ! How gorgeous does that shop look ! You lead such a great life, I would like to swap just for a couple of days ?

  6. Jules- you have pushed my temptation button to the limits with these fabulous photos from Loop! Unbelievable- I would love to be able to pilfer there!! And the pastries- oh my- you have touched my other great temptation! A wonderful post!


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