Tuesday, 1 February 2011


Had appointment with my very dishy orthopedic consultant tonight to assess the state of the knees.  I have been diligently moisturising morning and night and remembered to shave extra carefully this morning.  What did he say?  'You can probably leave your tights on, I don't think I'll be able to see anything different on bare legs' - first thought, phew! Second thought, what a waste of smoothness.  Third thought, blimey, can't even get the man to take a peek at my legs - things must be very dire indeed!

Worse was to follow.  After shunning a peek at the flesh Mr Dishy was quite keen to take a look at the inside so an arthroscopy it is (not the first time so not too worried) but, things have changed since my last visit in 2007 and it was straight off for the pre-op assessment - yikes!  Blood pressure, height, wee test - no problem, now just get on the scales - bloody hell!  Pounds lost since the last post .... nil.

It's going to have to be nil by mouth until I can find a window in my travel schedule to get booked into hospital.   That or a serious case of food poisoning (trip to China might take care of that!)

Hope those of you who are trying to shed a few pounds are having more success than me!



  1. Oh Jules, honestly...these Dishy Men! They've no idea have they? Mr Darcy, however, being not just Dishy Man, but Mr Perfect...gave you a wonderful review and was particularly stunned by your smooth, soft legs! I know because he told me! He also said that that he felt QUITE sure that you were looking quite slender around the ankle and waist! Now we can't argue with Mr D can we? xxxx

  2. Amanda - Mr Darcy is never wrong - although I think he meant that I am slender around ankle and wrist - definitely my finest, most svelte body parts! xx

  3. How annoying after you went to all that trouble of defluffing and softening :0) Love your blog x

  4. Rude Emma, that's what I call it, plain rude! Still, like a good girl guide I shall continue to 'Be Prepared'! (mostly for when Amanda can spare me Mr Darcy for a bit of r&R :)


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