Thursday, 3 February 2011

Come Dine with Me

Or rather, Come Dine with Will and Meg.  Just as I was feeling more than a little disheartened at the lack of interest - any interest - in my smooth and silky limbs life handed me a little ray of sunshine.  I have been quite a good cook in my previous lives but am becoming more and more lazy and less and less interested as time has worn on but luckily I have passed on some good cooking genes to my offspring and they are all quite, quite talented.  Even if I do say so myself.

So, diet (pah!) not withstanding I was very happy to accept an invitation from my youngest to come dine with him and his girlfriend.  I had to do the shopping but since I was going anyway that was no problem.  I was told to sit down with my knitting while the two of them set to in the kitchen.  Who am I to argue?

Good smells began to emanate from the kitchen and once my services as goat's cheese finder in the fridge and measuring spoon finder had been dispensed with all I had to do was wait.

The menu?

Will's starter: roasted stuffed peppers (goat's cheese, chive and chilli) 
with a rocket salad and dressing made from scratch

 Megan's main course: bacon and mushroom pasta with marscapone and parmesan cheeses (did I mention diet??)

Will's pud: meringue with strawberries and cream (no calories when made by someone else) 

Can't think why I haven't lost any lbs this week...

It was truly delicious but best of all?  They cleared up afterwards as well!  My cynical (male) work colleagues asked me what he'd done that needed to be forgiven!  

Whilst I was waiting for this feast to be served I got to work on this month's Ravelry CAL squares.
First one done (this was my second attempt as the first one was all wrong and wonky)

I've also been busy transforming my wool stash into 9 round granny squares for a big blanket and the pile is growing nicely but I think I might run out of wool before the quilt is finished.  Oh sigh, I'll probably have to go wool shopping .....

I've also embarked on a hexagon quilt made from some of the boys' old shirts.  I think both projects are going to last me throughout the year!

Hope your week has been a good one so far - helter skelter towards the weekend now - yippeee!



  1. Oh Jules, that meal trounces any diet! How fabulous! I'm assuming that Will is your son and that Megan is his girlfriend, but I always get these assumptions wrong. How beautiful she is! xxxx

  2. Oh Jules, what a fab meal! Will and Megan are a stunning couple too. I am impressed with the Rav square. I haven't started mine yet. Maybe tomorrow. xx

  3. Isn`t it great when the sons start cooking for YOU! Meal looked delicious and what a happy,handsome couple your boy and his girlfriend make. Love your square too and can`t wait to see your big blanket.Have a good weekend, Jules.x


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