Saturday, 22 January 2011

Heart Love

After what felt like a very long week with too much snow, not enough sleep and no time for crafting I was glad to get home yesterday.  I did manage to squeeze in a little mutual adulation time with my favourite little girl, Siiri.  We seem to have rather a special bond as I've known her since she was a bump but now she has a little brother competition for my attention is fierce when I visit.  Siiri always wins though so there's lots of story time and silly games.  I was blessed with many big hugs and kisses this time and a little memento to put on my fridge (so 'you can remember me when you go home' she said, ahh)

There are only two choices when travelling to Tampere - very early departure but reasonable arrival time or mid afternoon departure and late arrival.  On Fridays I like to get home early so it was a 4am start.  Despite much napping on the journey home I was fit for nothing so turned my attention to a little bit of simple crochet.  The heart pelmet had taken me down the heart path - and I do have a fondness for all things heart shaped

size 1.5mm hook and thin cotton - cross-eyed job! 
This taken from the Royal Sisters blogspot tutorial

This made up from the white one above - 3mm hook and some eco cotton - much easier on the eyes!
Having spent the week sitting on my bottom inside airports, planes, meeting rooms and hotels in a dark, cold and very snowy place I was in need of some fresh air.  Since the sun was shining although the lawn was covered in a very thick frost I thought a little tidy up in the garden was in order.  Last time I was out there to feed the birds it looked like this:

Will was most surprised to find me outside, noting that everything looked dead.  Peering into the pond revealed two frozen frogs, mid swim - arms and legs outstretched, poor things.  One fish was encased sideways in the ice but we did spy at least 3 fish swimming in the very bottom.  With secateurs in hand I snipped back as much of the dead, decaying foliage as was sensible to reveal lots of signs of life.  The ice plants are forming nice little heads close to the frozen earth and the bulbs are already starting to poke their little leaves above ground.  There's hope yet...  not long before it will be back looking a bit more like this:

Roll on the Spring!

Happy weekend.


  1. Oh, your photographs give me hope for our garden! It's looking very much like the first photo at the moment, hopefully by Summer I'll have something as beautiful as your second! x

  2. Oooh, I so wish I had a garden - your's looks so lovely!
    Love the croched hearts - I am going to have to venture further than granny squares.


  3. Hi Jules- love love love the little hearts! The pink one is my favorite. Yes- I am anxiously waiting for spring here also! Love the beautiful summer photo of your yard. We are covered in a thick blanket of snow here!

  4. Helloooo Jules, loving the new look blog. With all the rain and grey clouds we have had it was great to see your garden pics. Take care
    Deb x


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