Monday, 19 July 2010

21 today - where have all those years gone?

Well, 21 yesterday now as I was too tired to finish this post last night!  I'm talking about son number 2 - Michael 'we have names, mother!'  My sister, Anne and I were both in hospital about to give birth at the same tine - she in Scarborough, me in Winchester trying to hang on a bit longer as Michael was a bit too keen to get out into the big wide world.  We gave birth within 12 hours of each other and I have to say, both these little boys have a lovely nature so I have to think the planets were nicely aligned at the time.

Michael is on the left, Harry on the right, fresh, clean and shiny straight out of the bath in their matching jim-jams.  Those were the days when I could wear horizontal stripes!!

Michael and I are off for a gay day in York today to get him a birthday present but I wanted to make him something as a keepsake.  Ben  (my eldest) didn't want any crochet in his house, thank you very much but I think Michael will appreciate my efforts and I am sure he will put this to good use as a picnic blanket.

I couldn't get it finished in time for the big day but they are off to Scotland with their Dad tomorrow so that should give me plenty of time to get it done

I used old jeans, some old shirts - two of which Ben and Michael wore when they were very, very little boys, some liberty fabric that Michael mentioned liking and some bits of crochet and knitting - lots of different textures but a mainly blue and white theme.  I used the red to cheer it up a bit.  I was a bit worried about tackling this many different weights and textures on my machine and had a few hairy moments with the the bobbin - don't you just hate it when the machine gives that little hiccup as you start to sew which invariably means it's about to cotter up and get your knickers in a knot?  After much cursing and re-threading it was purring away quite happily - not sewing anything but purring away!  Thank goodness it has a self threading needle thingy otherwise it might have been heading out the window!

Now get thee to the kitchen to run the dishwasher for the third time and wash up all those champagne flutes!  

and I'm sorry but I didn't get chance to go shopping for Winter woollies and it's still raining (typical - just pegged out a whole lines of clothes!!)


  1. The blanket is great Julia :)

  2. I am loving the blanket very much and I am loving our little boys who are all grown up and lovely with it.Poor Harry is suffering after a long weekend of 'coming of age' We dont count eighteen.It hardly seems possible looking at the photo that they prscticaly have beards.
    Anne x

  3. Love the quilt for your little big man. Doesnt time just flllly bye! Congratulations to you and your sis for surviving the 21st birthday parties.
    Deb x


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