Friday, 23 July 2010

Happy Girlies

How lovely to see a young girl's face light up at the prospect of learning an old lady craft.  At Michael's party one of his friends expressed a wish to learn to crochet so I was more than happy to host a small sisterhood mark 3 gathering - an intimate little group with just myself, my big sis, Anne, Harriet and Rachel (a beginner returner in need of a quick refresher course).

I reckon Harriet is going to be a crochet fiend once she finds her own way of handling the hook and Rachel quickly picked up where she left off so two granny blankets are now well under way.  I wonder what time the girls went to bed as they were both eager to get home and carry on!  Hope neither fell asleep and ended up with a crochet hook up the nose!

Harriet is very pleased with her little self!

Look at clever Rahel!

Anne tries to decide which colour next for her ever growing blanket

OK, yes, there were cakes and a smidgen of wine. 

Where has the week gone?  It's flown by but there's always time to squeeze in a little creativity around the mundanity of work and domestic chores, hey?

I covered this book with some lovely fresh Greengate fabric for my lovely Swedish office mate, Viveka - a belated birthday present - but need to make another little something to go with it...

I made a start on my Lucy granny stripe blanket - might have to put my sunglasses on for this project!

So much to fit into this weekend - the garden needs some attention, the house needs some attention, I have not one but two social events (!!!), a car boot sale on Sunday and I want to sew!  Will have to get my skates on and be mega organised.  Maybe just one more cup of tea first .....

Wishing you and yours a happy weekend!


  1. I wish I had had you on hand when I was trying to learn to crochet, but I did get there in the end. The yarn you have there is the cotton pack I bought and it splits as soon as I look at it, have you found the same, its driving me mad ! :)

  2. Lovely stuff! I also love Greengate AND will teach people to crochet at the merest hint of interest (I'm not forcing them though...). Keep going Jules, everyone will be crocheting soon!

  3. Hmmm, I think Cake and Wine are an integral part of the learning process!



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