Wednesday, 14 July 2010

My Flimsy Is Finished

What's a flimsy?  New word I learned today whilst surfing on Fredashive blogspot.  It sounds so much better than saying 'my quilt is nearly finished/needs quilting'.  I've been burning the midnight oil which is rather silly as it makes for a very long and tedious day at work the following day but I just can't help myself!

So here it is.... a tad difficult to photograph as it was rather breezy so had to make it snappy - literally!

I don't know how my blocks still don't meet perfectly in every corner despite being very careful with my rotary cutter and my 1/4 inch patching foot but Anne says that's part of the charm.  I'll go with that and push Jules the perfectionist back in her box.

I am a bit stuck now as I can't decide how to back it as I think this will be an eiderdown rather than a quilt so I want it to be reversible.  Hey ho, guess I'll just have to go fabric shopping....... 


  1. Jules have you done any work today??!!Or have you been sewing.Im loving the flimsy and I'm loving the word flimsy.The beauty of patchworking in my opinion is in it's tiny imperfections which stop it looking mass produced. Uses for a flimsy:
    You could cover a chair with it or use it as a tablecloth or wear it like a kaftan or make a curtain or back it with a vintage woollen blanket or use it as a parachute. Think carefully
    Anne x

  2. Its looking really good Jules :)


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