Sunday, 4 July 2010

Domestic bliss? my @*$!

No, I must confess that although I am no domestic goddess these days I do get a sense of pleasure when the house is restored to order - and smells of polish (and no, I didn't take the short cut and just give it a quick squirt around the place, I did actually apply it to the furniture!)

Having put the house to rights and the weather not being that fabulous today I took Deb's advice and indulged in a little solitude with my sewing machine and a jelly roll of the most lovely fabric that has been calling to me from the stash basket for some time now.  No hand patching this time - I'd like to see some results before next year!  I've made quite a few nine patch blocks - I'll be champing at the bit all week to get some plain fabric to make the block borders but maybe the Universe is trying very, very hard to counsel me in the art of patience!

Not my strong point.  

These were the left overs and I had a lovely time trying to assemble them into pleasing combinations with Michael McIntyre in the background (not in person of course!).... simple pleasures, hey?

I've got a few things to look forward to this week (other than the arrival of a new weekend) - Michael, my number 2 son is coming home - hoorah - and my newest garden purchase should arrive - I've been making the preparations for a couple of weekends - thought I would have been of super model proportions by now after all the effort but sadly not!

I didn't tale a photo of phase 1 but it involved moving the contents of an enormous compost bin and half a ton of stone chippings
 (now sitting on the drive, much to the annoyance of my neighbours, I am sure)

Results by next weekend, fingers crossed!

Have a great week all xxx


  1. I will look forward to seeing the results of your quilting Jules :)

  2. Glad you took my advice hun! Love the results, the blocks look fab. Intrigued to see the next phase in your garden. Sounds like a busy week Jules!
    hugs Deb x


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