Tuesday, 6 July 2010

The Domestic Goddess still lives ...

.... she's just been a little lazy and disinterested of late. 

I was a little late for work this morning as I had to ice the cake I promised my work hubby and boss for their resepective birthdays - which have been and gone for some time but this is the first time we have all been in the office together and not travelling the globe.

Elevenses anyone?

Will's hoping there will be some left for him when I go home tonight but I doubt there will be so I left him some of the sticky lemon cake to munch on instead

I think I may be coming out of the doldrums - it's amazing how the whisper of a few kind words from friends far flung can stir the wind beneath my sails. 

Thank you all xxx


  1. oooh Jules I wish were neighbours, we could have a good old natter and drink tea and scoff your lovely cake! I have been baking too...my victorias look nothing near as good as yours...I blame my old conked out cooker! Enjoy your day lovie
    Deb x

  2. P.s really think you should share that lovely lemon cake recipe x

  3. both cakes look fablous - oh to have the time to bake! your hubby is going to love this!


  4. Mmmm both cakes look lovely Jules :)


Thanks - I love to read your comments x