Tuesday, 13 July 2010

And the results are...

non existent in the case of the garden project and only half finished in the case of the quilt but I was busy being Mum's taxi service and then actually going out on Saturday evening!  I was so dismayed by the garden - all overblown and droopy (sounds all too familiar)  - that I spent most of Sunday outside snipping, pruning and weeding.  It was a very warm but blustery day so it helped blow the cobwebs away after a night of slight excess!

I took these little lovelies round to a dear friend to fill her new Summer house with their fabulous scent

and I picked these to cheer up my own windowsill

I did manage to complete on cushion last week - felt shamed into it as the plumber thinks I've got  a cushion fetish as he couldn't believe how many cushion pads were lying about the place!

Now then, be prepared because I have saved the best until last....  my Mum made this for me from a very old pattern.  It was Mum who taught my sister and I to crochet and knit (and my brother too!) many moons ago and she gave us a refresher tutorial last year and there's no stopping us now.  She likes to hide her light under a bushel and thinks she's not creative but blimey, this takes some patience!  Isn't it wonderful?  

I need to put some material behind it but that's no problem since she's done it all properly with a zip - no short cuts for Mum!  It looks very at home, don't you think?  She's on a roll with them and Anne will be next in line.

I might have to abandon the crochet for a while (pah!  not likely) as my youngest two sons were laughing at me - saying I should get out more and I quote:  "just look at this place, Mum.  It's turning into one big knitted/crocheted thing!"  Looking around they may have a point - I'll give you a tour later on in the week.  

But how could I be mad at these handsome chaps?

He looks comfy enough amongst the crochet, if you ask me!

Prom night for the 'baby' of the family!

Maybe I'll have a quilt to show you too if I can summon up some energy from somewhere - anyone got any spare?


  1. What a lovely post, where do I start in complimenting you???? If you did get out more your boys would miss your lovely homemaking. Sweet peas....I love sweet peas....especially ones all dressed up for prom night LOL, I have a daily battle getting my sweetpea to smarten up! Your mums cushion is gorgeous and looks great with your gorgeous creations.
    Much love and sunshine to you
    Deb x

  2. I love your crochet cushion, but your mum's is absolutly gorgeous :)


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