Friday, 16 July 2010

Silly British Weather

I seem to have lost interest in cooking and even thinking about what meals to cook so William and I tend to eat whatever is quick and easy. However, last night whilst he had his nose stuck in the fridge looking for something to eat he said to me 'Mum, I think some baked potatoes and coleslaw are called for.'  I keep trying to tempt him with the new potatoes from the garden but he's not a fan. I told him that it's not the right season for jacket spuds and they are not at their best. His reply? 'Well, they're a Winter thing really, aren’t they and we are going into Winter now.' I know that we are having very silly weather for this time of year but the onset of winter in mid July? That's pushing it, even for the UK!

But, I feel I must apologise to my fellow Britons about the weather as I think it is my fault. Since we were enjoying a heat wave at the weekend I bought some new flimsy tops (no, not patchwork flimsy although Anne's suggestion of making mine into a kaftan has a certain appeal). So, now that I have some lovely light and cool tops the rain and wind has put in an appearance!  It feels like it's time to put the sweaters and sock back on. I'll go shopping for a winter coat this weekend. Maybe that will do the trick!

Wishing you sunshine and smiles



  1. hehehe, I knew it had to be someones fault - as I have not gone camping yet!

    well, it's good for the garden! urgh.....


  2. Oh I thought it was my fault because I bought two large garden unbrellas from homebase - thank good ness it was actually your fault. We lit a fire last night. Pathetic.


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