Monday, 26 July 2010

Summer Loving

... finally, my big garden treat has arrived!  I've been toying with the idea of a summer house ever since I had to leave my lovely old one 8 years ago and decided to take the plunge.  I was hoping it would be in situ for Michael's 21st but it wasn't to be.  It arrived on Saturday evening and I spent Sunday applying white emulsion for the beach hut look.



It's a long way from finished but I had two dear friends round for some bubbles and a christening meal which was just fabulous.   I had to make a start with the interior furnishings but am very excited at the prospect of making it a lovely cosy hideaway.  I've spent many a happy hour in Angie's summer house so it was great to return the favour for a change (and the lovely Captain Birdseye is going to put the electrics in for me in the Autumn) so we'll be all set for Winter evenings out there too.

Not much time for anything else this weekend what with cooking, gardening, painting and socialising but just time to squeeze in a few little pressies for one of my favourite blog pals which I can show you now because she was a happy recipient at the weekend.  It warms my heart  to know I've spread a little happiness.  My friend, Vive loved her book as she can never find anything with her name on.

Small pleasures....

Wishing you sunshine, happiness and a warm glow in your heart



  1. Oh Jules, it looks so fab, what I would do for a little hideaway like that !

  2. Your new 'pad' looks fab already and although I love mine I am envious of you just setting up as it looks so tidy. Mine is a bit of a mess at the moment. Everything we can't find a home for seems to find its way in there. Not for long though. You have inspired me to put things in order.
    Enjoy yours , I am sure you will.

  3. The summer house look so cosy, I'd love to snuggle up on that sofa with a glass of wine!

  4. I LOVE your Summer House - you`ve made it look really special - found your blog through `Fondant Kiss` - glad I did. Love your crochet work too and your granny stripe is FABULOUS!


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