Friday, 7 January 2011

Environmental Health

Well, after the shame of the hairy-mary-scary legs I took to the bath (in candle light I hasten to add) and de-fuzzed, scrubbed, buffed and moisturised.  Phew!  Next job the feet....

While I was grilling my breakfast bacon this morning and wafting the door to get rid of the acrid blue smoke I was hit by another bout of shame.  Cleaning the oven was on my pre-Christmas list but it didn't happen so now we were at a critical point.  So, out came the oven cleaner, the rubber gloves and the brillo pads.  William asked me what was going on - were we having more visitors, was I feeling OK, what made me decide to do it?  Cheek.

I am pleased to report that should Mr Darcy decide to drop by unexpectedly for supper I am prepared!  Should he choose to glide his hand up my flannelette pyjama leg he'll find smooth, silky soft legs (still akin to a bag of porridge but definitely not hairy!)  Should he care to look he'll find my racks gleaming.  No, that's not a euphemism - my oven racks really are sparkly and shiny like new.

Is it sad that I am happy that my oven is clean?  I think we will be eating soup for a few weeks so I don't have to cook anything in it and make it dirty :)

Whenever you are ready, Mr Darcy .....


  1. Your last two post have really made me chuckle :)

  2. I'm afraid he's just a little tied up at the moment but I'll send him over just as soon as I can! Lots of love, Amanda xxxx p.s. Like all truly wonderful men, he doesn't get upset about a little leg hair, so please don't worry, dear Jules.


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