Sunday, 16 January 2011

Pounds lost.....

Whoop, whoop = 3!  Yes, 3 whole pounds!  Unbelievable as I have not forsaken wine and have been slowly tyidying up the left over chocolates.  I have been quite restrained though (for me) and have done 5 sessions of the Pilates DVD (10 minute solution/Lara Hudson if anyone is interested in having a laugh at what a young body is capable of doing) and one session of Davina's Body Buff DVD - the legs and core section, which left me puffing, panting and decidedly red of face.  Even the warm up session was tough!  I am sooooo out of shape.

So, with that good news I am spurred on to be even better this coming week.  I'm in Finland all week where my boss informs me it is currently -20 C and snowing again - bliss.  It will be hard to resist the gluggi in those temps but resist I shall (try).

I must confess that I have dragged myself through the week, lacking enthusiasm for much except sitting on the sofa with hook and yarn but even that has not been terribly satisfying.  I got off to a good start with lots of Ravelry Block of the Month squares (got a nice little stack now)

Feeling rather confident my thoughts turned to Rosella and her pattern for a cotton heart pelmet curtain.  Anne and I had gone to her day course over at Heidi's a while ago, having come back to crochet after many years of absence.  Well, the day was really fun but reduced Heidi to tears and the need to leave to go and get her nails done!  You see, Rosella has been a crochet genius since the age of 8 (quite a few years have passed since then) and she presented us with a size 1 hook and a graphical pattern.  No written instructions, no terminology that any of us recognised (gates and legs being the terms used for chain spaces and trebles) - it was a challenge for sure.  Most of us abandoned our pathetic little attempts and have never been back.

This is the result of 4 evenings and one afternoon's dedicated work on it - mostly spent unravelling and starting again but I think I may finally have got the hang of it now..

I might have to take something a little less taxing on the plane with me.  Perhaps a few granny squares...

And in true Blue Peter style, here's something  I prepared earlier, part of my Mum's birthday present.  I started this last year and then wasn't sure if she'd like it but picked it up again so I would have something made to give to her on her birthday (last Wednesday)

Blue trim on one side

Pink trim on the other

She liked it.  Phew!

Wishing you all a safe and happy week while I freeze my ass off in Finland!  
(ooh, now there's an opportunity to drop many, many pounds if I lose my ass!!)



  1. Well done Jules! I managed a measly 1 pound so I'm very proud of you! Your crochet pelmet is stunning! xxxx

  2. 3 pounds! Good work Jules...very impressive!

    The curtain pelmet looks amazingly complicated and it will be stunning when its finished.

    The cushion for you momma is very pretty too.

    Enjoy Finland and don't work too hard!!

  3. Thanks for the comment - I would have to sell my body by the pound to make anything out of it!!!

    Love the Heart Pelmet - I don't think my crochet skills are far beyond the basic granny square!

    Have a wonderful time in Finland - don't loose your ass all together or you will have nothing to sit on on th plane!


  4. Well done, Jules! I love the heart pelmet too. It looks decidedly fiddly. xxx

  5. Congrats on the 3 pounds- GONE!, I know- it's not easy!! Hang in there- it's a rough road- good for you!

    Love your beautiful crochet work. Simply stunning--

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