Tuesday, 4 January 2011


Definitely best not to make any.  The minute I started thinking about losing weight I headed for the ice cream!  Haven't touched the stuff for months but the thought of deprivation sent my appetite into over-drive.  What's all that about?   But thank you, girls, for the words of encouragement.  I have done the Special K diet and it worked but I am trying to avoid any thought of diet (see where it can lead me) and am talking myself into a change little by little.

On a brighter note - and indeed, I think the best option for reducing my calorie intake - I did get Ben's blanket finished.  Too late to give to him but I'll find a way to get it to him before next Christmas!   This one was also a mixture of knitting and crochet in chunky and super chunky wool blends - a bit hard on the hands and hungry in terms of the amount of yarn needed but nice and manly I think, don't you?  He works for London Welsh Rugby Club so these colours are perfect.  Let's hope he thinks so too and is converted (even if it's secretly) to the heaven that is hand made.

Just the one photo as Michael also agreed with me that my camera is a 'piece of poo' so I am awaiting his recommendations for a new one.  If I stop eating and drinking, buying wool and fabric I should be able to afford one soon :)

I'm waiting for some decent light before taking pics of some of my lovely pressies so will leave you with these - presents I made for two dear friends, Angie, who admired the cushion I made for my sister last year and her man, Ian, who used to captain a tall ship for a living.

The throw was a wedding present for Michael's friend who got married on the 27th 

and very stylish she looked too

as did her bridesmaids, our very own young 'sisters', Rachel and Harriet

~ ahhhh ~


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