Saturday, 8 January 2011

It's all Laalaa's fault

Since Mr Darcy did indeed seem to be tied up with Amanda and not likely to put in an appearance to examine my silky smooth shins I was at a bit of a loose end.  What to do.... I know, catch up in blogland.

Lynda sparked my interest in the Ravelry crochet along and now I'm hooked too!

I embarked on this month's 6" Flower Button Granny square....  hmm, mine appears to be somewhat smaller ....

Then I embarked upon the 12" Maggie square.... hmm, mine appears to be somewhat smaller....

Then I spent all evening making the 12" filler square, Enough Love to Go Around .... there was very nearly no love whatsoever after much pulling back and zooming in on the picture to try and work out what I was supposed to be doing (I'm really rubbish at following patterns) I ended up with ..... hmm, a wonky bit of lacy wool

Ahh, that's better - maybe it was worth it after all.  Blocking really does make a difference! 

Must block my squares more often instead of being in a rush to show and tell!

Must dash - got a Secret Santa present to make!



  1. Very pretty squares!

    Mr Darcy doesn't know what he's missing ;-)

  2. He He! So I am good for something, encouraging hookiness. The squares are great! I haven't tackled the filler square yet as I'm a bit scared of it! I think it may be beyond my capabilities. Come and befriend me on Rav please, Jules. I'm Laalaa there too. Have a good night. Lynda xx

  3. Very good crochet Jules! You Seee! You got all that done instead of a bit of tom foolery with Mr Darcy! Hee hee! I'll let him go soooon...honest I will. xxx

  4. Yes I have to admit that although I can only crochet a chain, the lovely Laala is tempting me to try harder to understand crochet!


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